Thompson Surgical Instruments, Inc.

Product Listings for Thompson Surgical Instruments, Inc.
Central Cervical Access Retractor (C.C.A) (Prod 11384)
The Central Cervical Access Retractor (C.C.A) was designed to ach ... [more]
Hip Retractor System (Prod 170609)
Features Sterile, table-mounted frame that provides supp ... [more]
Radiolucent Anterior Cervical Surgery Kit (Prod 3071)
A table mounted anterior cervical retractor which provides beauti ... [more]
Shadow-Line Retractor Blades (Prod 3072)
Shadow-Line ™ Retractor Blades for use with the Thompson-Farley ... [more]
Spine - Radiolucent Posterior Lumbar Surgery Kit (Prod 3070)
Thompson Surgical Instruments, Inc. is the original manufacturer ... [more]
T.I.P. Thompson Illumination Pad (Prod 4307)
Thompson Illumination Pad (T.I.P.). Attaches to the Thompson Ret ... [more]
Thompson Radiolucent Retractor Blades (Prod 7354)
For anterior lumbar access in conjunction with The Thompson Retra ... [more]