Kapp Surgical Instrument Inc.

Product Listings for Kapp Surgical Instrument Inc.
Chapman Pin Ball (Prod 4707)
Pin protector that eliminates the need for ineffective plastic ca ... [more]
Contouring Plates for Digits of the Hand (Prod 5601)
Titanium plates and screws. Wide selection. ... [more]
Orthopedic Surgical Knee Immobilizer (Prod 2201)
This disposable product is used to retract, hold and position the ... [more]
PCL Retractor (Prod 6153)
Insert this instrument so that both prongs straddle the cruciate ... [more]
Radial Head Implants (Prod 2004)
Custom & off the shelf implants. 9 head sizes and 4 stem sizes. ... [more]
Radius Plates (Prod 7001)
Volar and dorsal plates. Round edges. More holes for better fix ... [more]
Seitz Solution (Upper Extremity Implant Systems) (Prod 9183)
Multiple implants for the upper extremith Micro screws and plat ... [more]
Strip T's (Prod 4956)
Sterile adhesive organizer to hold instruments, scopes, cauteries ... [more]
Surgical Knee Immobilizer (Prod 4957)
Webbing and Velcro device with a foot holder attached to a strap ... [more]
Total Knee Positioner (Prod 4108)
The Total Knee Positioner is a sterile, one time use system for h ... [more]
Total Knee Retractor Set (Prod 1409163)
Set of five soft tissue and bone retractors to expose the distal ... [more]
Ulnar Head Implants (Prod 4201)
Off the shelf consignments. Cost savings. Patented spacer to ad ... [more]