Alphatec Spine (ATEC Spine, Inc.)

Product Listings for Alphatec Spine (ATEC Spine, Inc.)
Adonys (Prod 7279)
PEEK Lordotic PLIF Cages. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
AFFIRM Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 1271)
Nonbiologic stabilization system for cervical spine. ... [more]
Aladyn3 (Prod 7281)
Degenerative system offering a choice of dynamic plate, rigid pla ... [more]
Antelus PEEK Lumbar Cage (Prod 7101)
Range of varied heights and angles are available to correct lumba ... [more]
Antelys ALIF Plate-Cage (Prod 7276)
PEEK Securized ALIF Plate-Cage. Previously available from Scient' ... [more]
Antelys GX (Prod 7273)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
ARC Portal Access System (Prod 9655)
The proprietary ARC Portal Access System and instrumentation has ... [more]
Arsenal CBx (Prod 151208)
Arsenal CBx is a unique alternative to traditional pedicle screws ... [more]
Arsenal Deformity Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) System (Prod 1703073)
The system is designed to give surgeons a sloution to address com ... [more]
Arsenal Degenerative Spinal Fixation System (Prod 1501064)
The Arsenal Degenerative spinal fixation system was thoughtfully ... [more]
Arsenal Osteotomy Instrument Set (Prod 150929)
The Arsenal Osteotomy Instrument Set is the latest extension to A ... [more]
Aurys VBR (Prod 7269)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
Avalon Occipito-Cervico Plating System (Prod 11703)
The Avalon Occipito-Cervico Plating System, which is used in conn ... [more]
Battalion Lateral System (Prod 1704072)
The Battalion Lateral System includes numerous proprietary featur ... [more]
Battalion Universal Spacer System (Prod 151017)
The comprehensive Battalion Universal Spacer System supports spin ... [more]
BridgePoint Spinous Process Fixation System (Prod 151208)
The BridgePoint Spinous Process Fixation System is a Minimally In ... [more]
CBK Cervical Cage (Prod 1028)
Cervical Spine Cage manufactured from PEEK. Previously available ... [more]
CC Cages (Prod 1032)
THORACO-LUMBAR RADIO-TRANSPARENT CAGE made of PEEK. Previously av ... [more]
CO Cages (Prod 1031)
Connect Allografts (Prod 3200)
Dense corticocancellous allografts comprised of an anterior corti ... [more]
Connect Cervical Allograft System (Prod 2767)
Connect Allografts are processed from donor vertebral bodies crea ... [more]
CONNECT II Cervical Structural Allograft (Prod 8068)
CONNECT II Cervical Structural Allograft is produced from dense c ... [more]
Corelys VBR (Prod 7272)
PEEK VBR. Previously available from Scient'x. ... [more]
Coreograft PLIF Allograft System (Prod 2772)
The Coreograft PLIF Allograft System is a wedge shaped, cortical ... [more]
Corex (Prod 150213)
Minimally disruptive bone harvester. A non-aggressive castellated ... [more]
CorLok Allografts (Prod 3201)
A unique corticocancellous allografts comprised of an anterior co ... [more]
Corlok Lumbar Allograft System (Prod 2768)
CorLok allografts are corticocancellous allografts comprised of a ... [more]
DELTALOC Anterior Cervical (Prod 1512)
A low profile plate with a patented screw locking mechanism. ... [more]
Deltaloc Reveal (Prod 4059)
Anterior Cervical Plate System. Integrated screw locking tab. F ... [more]
DiscoCerv (Prod 8195)
Discocerv Artificial Cervical Disc is a second-generation cervica ... [more]