Stryker Interventional Spine

Product Listings for Stryker Interventional Spine
11g iVAS Balloon System (Prod 1601251)
The 11g iVAS Balloon System has a 20% smaller cross-sectional are ... [more]
Cub Pedicle Access Needle (Prod 1604151)
The Cub is a standard pedicle Access Needle with one key differen ... [more]
Dekompressor (Prod 10063)
Percutaneous discectomy using the Stryker Dekompressor® provi ... [more]
Discmonitor (Prod 10064)
Discography using the Stryker Discmonitor® delivers complete ... [more]
Express Pedicle Access Needle (Prod 1604152)
The Express Pedicle Access Needle is a sleek device with features ... [more]
MultiGen (Prod 10062)
The Stryker MultiGen™ radiofrequency generator can handle u ... [more]
Tiger Pedicle Access Needle Family (Prod 1604153)
End-To-End MIS Pedicle Management. Accessing the pedicle and esta ... [more]
Venom RF Cannula and Electrode (Prod 151231)
The Venom Electrode addresses technical challenges that exist for ... [more]
VertaPlex HV Bone Cement (Prod 10065)
VertaPlex® HV Bone Cement is a high viscosity bone cement th ... [more]
Y-Wire (Prod 12196)
Y-Wire is a guidewire that is designed to mitigate forward migrat ... [more]
Y-Wire 2 (Prod 12237)
New Second Generation design features same great benefits as with ... [more]