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Product Listings for Alpha Medical Supplies Inc
A.F.O. Drop Foot Support
Low profile, trim-to-fit ankle orthosis for correction of drop fo ... [more]
Abdominal Support
10" width, pile/foam abdominal support with removable stays. Fits ... [more]
Ankle Sleeve
Neoprene ankle sleeve provides compressive support, stability and ... [more]
Arm Elevator Sling
Combination arm elevator and arm sling is ideal for patient requi ... [more]
Arm Sling
Deluxe arm sling with pad, generous size envelope to support the ... [more]
Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer
Adjustable shoulder and swathe straps with contact closure and fo ... [more]
Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Fuzzy Logic technology, which automatically determines ideal cuff ... [more]
Blood Pressure Aneroid
High performance features and affordability make the 79 series on ... [more]
Bunion Splint (Prod 5277)
Flannel lined foam with brushed nylon backing for contact closure ... [more]
Burnham Thumb Splint & Finger Splint
Anatomically formed to maintain the fracture in a neutral positio ... [more]
Calf Sleeve
The calf sleeve contour design assures proper fit and correct deg ... [more]
Cast Boot
Sandal style with sturdy straps. Contact closures. E.V.A. Rocker ... [more]
Cervical Collar
The medium density foam cervical collar is constructed with vinyl ... [more]
Child's Print Arm Sling
Cotton/Poly envelope with pediatric print. Cotton web strap with ... [more]
Clavicle Splint
The clavicle splint has adjustable prong buckles ensuring correct ... [more]
Clavicle Strap (Prod 5300)
Foam padded shoulder straps covered with stockinette. 3-way adjus ... [more]
Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer
High quality, durable poly cotton sling with contact closure adju ... [more]
Contour Support-12"
Panel elastic with contoured design to afford maximum comfort whi ... [more]
Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
Low cost and digital technology combine to make HM-1 an attractiv ... [more]
Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
An innovative modern design and large digital display help make t ... [more]
Digital Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor
Sophisticated wristwatch style design and Fuzzy Logic digital tec ... [more]
Dynamic Pull Universal Knee Wrap
The knee wrap provides compressive support and warmth to the knee ... [more]
Finger Traps Unsterile (Prod 4743)
Unsterile stainless steel finger traps for closed reduction of co ... [more]
Glow Blood Pressure Aneroid
The glow Gauge is designed for use in low light conditions. Simpl ... [more]
Groin Strap
This groin strap constructed of pressure-sensitive contact closur ... [more]
Home Blood Pressure Kit
Designed for home use. Kit comes with a D-bar nylon cuff for easy ... [more]
Humeral Cuff
Prefabricated foam lined orthosis designed for the management of ... [more]
Humeral Fracture Brace/Over the Shoulder
Prefabricated foam lined orthosis designed for the management of ... [more]
Industrial Back Support
Elastic construction with molded pad. Contact closure with Straps ... [more]
Knee Brace Sleeve
This knee brace is available in 13" length with two circumferenti ... [more]