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Product Listings for LEXI Co., Ltd.
JIGEN (Prod 1607012 C716.1)
JIGEN is 3D pre-operative planning software for TKA (total knee a ... [more]
KneeMotion (Prod 1602251 C716.1)
Dynamic change and motion analysis of the position of components ... [more]
ZedEdit (Prod 1602252 C716.1)
ZedEdit is 3D visualization and measurement software. ZedEdit ca ... [more]
ZedHip Software (Prod 160304 C716.1)
Pre-operative planning software Replacement software for the Hi ... [more]
ZedKnee (Prod 160225 C716.1)
ZedKnee can create 3D models of the bone using CT data. User can ... [more]