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Product Listings for Heraeus Medical GmbH
COPAL® Bone Cements & Knee Moulds (Prod 1802267)
COPAL® bone cements provide broad–spectrum, highly effective c ... [more]
HERAFILL® Beads G (Prod 18022612)
HERAFILL®, which contains antibiotics, is a unique bone void fil ... [more]
microDTTect (Prod 1802268)
microDTTect is a closed in-vitro-system to enable antibiofilm tre ... [more]
OSTEOPAL® Spinal Cement (Prod 18022611)
The OSTEOPAL® portfolio brings three spinal cements which meet t ... [more]
PALABOWL® (Prod 18030319)
PALABOWL® is a vacuum cement mixing bowl that is for single use. ... [more]
Palacos Cement (Prod 1802266)
The PALACOS® cement product portfolio comprises an extensive ran ... [more]
PALAMIX® (Prod 1802269)
PALAMIX® is a high-quality vacuum mixing system.: Optimal homo ... [more]
Pulse Lavage (Prod 18022610)
In addition to vacuum mixing and pressurisation, bone bed cleanin ... [more]