U&I Corporation

Product Listings for U&I Corporation
Unilateral biplane or unilateral multiplane fixator making it mor ... [more]
Cannulated Screws (Prod 996)
Large and small sizes for use in areas where accurate screw place ... [more]
Colles Fixator
Correction of any deformity in three dimensions, fracture healin ... [more]
Dyna Locking Nail (Prod 990)
Proximal, middle and distal third femoral shaft fractures. ... [more]
Dyna-Locking Telescopic Rod
Telescopic rod to allow bone growth in conditions such as osteoge ... [more]
Global Spinal Fixation System (GSFS)
Low profile spinal fixation system. ... [more]
Interbody Fusion Cage (Neo IC)
Interbody Fusion Cage ... [more]
Interference Fixation Screw
Interference screw fixation system. ... [more]
Mini external fixation device. ... [more]
External fixation device ... [more]
Top Tightening System (TTS)
Spinal fixation system. ... [more]