Active Ice

Product Listings for Active Ice
Cold Therapy Wraps (Prod 5180)
Ice products composed of segmented water pillows, giving more cov ... [more]
Gel Insert (Prod 5250)
Gel Inserts are filled with a soft, non-toxic gel which holds its ... [more]
Ice Insert (Prod 5249)
Our replacement ice inserts fit into our wraps and provide long-l ... [more]
Shower Shield (Prod 5181)
Latex-free wound dressing/shower cover is the answer to the age-o ... [more]
Soft Back (Prod 5246)
Soft gel packs mold to the lower back and will give you hours of ... [more]
Soft Foot (Prod 5244)
Soft gel will mold to entire ankle for immediate cold therapy and ... [more]
Soft Hip (Prod 5247)
Soft gel pack in a comfortable wrap molds against the body to pro ... [more]
Soft Knee (Prod 5245)
Soft gel will mold to the patient's knee and provide a long perio ... [more]
Soft Shoulder (Prod 5243)
Soft gel pack molds instantly to the body to provide cold therapy ... [more]
Soft Universal (Prod 5248)
The soft universal wrap can deliver cold compression therapy for ... [more]