Cayenne Medical, Inc.

Product Listings for Cayenne Medical, Inc.
AperFix Femoral Implant and Inserter for ACL PCL (Prod 7620)
The AperFix™ System, enablse surgeons to perform anterior cruci ... [more]
AperFix II System (Prod 11156)
AperFix® II is a second generation soft tissue repair devic ... [more]
BioWick SureLock Implant (Prod 160308)
The BioWick SureLock Implant is an interpositional scaffold wick ... [more]
CrossFix II (Prod 11494)
Curved and straight suture needles. Pre-tied, sliding Hot Knot re ... [more]
CrossFix System (Prod 9751)
The CrossFix™ system is a suture only device that creates a 3mm ... [more]
iFix Interference Screw (Prod 8660)
PEEK Radiolucent ACL recontruction hamstring acl repair acl tear ... [more]
Mirror™ Partial Knee System (Prod 150328)
The Mirror™ system is the only knee replacement system that use ... [more]
QUATTRO Shoulder System (Prod 11923)
QUATTRO™ Shoulder System is a comprehensive shoulder solut ... [more]
Quattro® Bolt Tenodesis Screw (Prod 150328)
The Quattro® Bolt Tenodesis Screw is a tenodesis upper extremity ... [more]
Short SureLock™ System (Prod 150328)
Short SureLock™ is a mini all-suture anchor for small bone indi ... [more]
SureLock All-Suture Anchor System (Prod 150328)
SureLock All-Suture Anchor System has been developed for surgerie ... [more]