In2Bones SAS

Product Listings for In2Bones SAS
5MS Fracture Repair System (Prod 1708208)
The 5MS Fracture Repair System is a comprehensive plate and screw ... [more]
AC-TOE® (Prod 150208)
The AC-TOE® interpositional button is an articular implant in ul ... [more]
Avenger Radial Head™ System (Prod 2007135)
Contents Many head and stem size combinations can help to addre ... [more]
CoLag Locking Compression Screw System (Prod 1708209)
The CoLag Locking Compression Screw System is an entirely new con ... [more]
DuaFit® (Prod 150208)
The DuaFit® interphalangial implant is manufactured in PEEK-OPTI ... [more]
I.B.S.® (Prod 150208)
The I.B.S.® compression and neutralisation screws are cannulated ... [more]
Koren™ (Prod 150208)
The Koren™ suture anchor has a unique design in the shape o ... [more]
NeoSys® Screw Set (Prod 150208)
The NeoSys® single use set is available with the I.B.S.* range o ... [more]
O.S.2-C - O.S.2-V (Prod 150208)
The O.S.2® compression staple is the first osteosynthesis sta ... [more]