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All-In-One Clark Socket (Prod 10691)All-In-One Clark Socket (Prod 10691)
MPR-CS STAINLESS STEEL clark socket fits up to 5/8" round posts. ... [more]
Alvarado Surgical Knee Holder System (Prod 150106)Alvarado Surgical Knee Holder System (Prod 150106)
A positioner system that allows ready access to the knee as well ... [more]
Beath Pin (Prod 10003)Beath Pin (Prod 10003)
3/32" (2.4mm) diameter, 10" (254mm) length. Beath pin hole diamet ... [more]
Bone Staples (Prod 10710)
Brands + related instruments Zimmer Smith Nephew ( Richards) ... [more]
Carpal Tunnel Knife, Single Use, 7 1/2Carpal Tunnel Knife, Single Use, 7 1/2" (Prod 5021)
Carpal Tunne Knife Double-shielded knife blade to protect the n ... [more]
Carpal Tunnel Retractor (Prod 5022)Carpal Tunnel Retractor (Prod 5022)
Reusable retractor that elevates tissue off the transverse ligame ... [more]
Compaction Pliers (Prod 9778)Compaction Pliers (Prod 9778)
Helps shape the bone-pattellar-tendon-bone graft used in ACL/PCL ... [more]
DePuy Leg Holder / Stille Leg Holder / Gillquist Leg Holder (Prod 8918)
Unique and quick adjustment to any thigh size-turning crank handl ... [more]
DePuy® Moreland Revision Instruments (Prod 10746)
A complete set of case, trays, and instruments for total hip revi ... [more]
Drill Bits (Prod 5017)Drill Bits (Prod 5017)
Cost savings on drill bits that interchange with all manufacturer ... [more]
Golden Magnetic Retriever (Prod 8719)Golden Magnetic Retriever (Prod 8719)
Breaking a blade tip or part of a jaw in the joint is a situation ... [more]
Harrington Rods (Prod 9779)Harrington Rods (Prod 9779)
Shown with distraction rod, bifid hooks and blunt distraction hoo ... [more]
Instrument Makar LCR Staples (Prod 10709)Instrument Makar LCR Staples (Prod 10709)
Designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson Standard Staples Milled from non- ... [more]
Instrument Makar Leg Holder (Prod 8917)Instrument Makar Leg Holder (Prod 8917)
The original Surgical Assistant designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson. ... [more]
Jaws Grande Grasper & Jaws Venti Grasper (Prod 8916)Jaws Grande Grasper & Jaws Venti Grasper (Prod 8916)
Designed by Dr. Lanny Johnson. The size and the strength of th ... [more]
Jet Wire Twister and Robinson Jet Wire Twister (Prod 8923)Jet Wire Twister and Robinson Jet Wire Twister (Prod 8923)
Stainless steel tool used for Luque wire loops. Uses technology ... [more]
Lateral Positioning Peg Board System (Prod 1505011)Lateral Positioning Peg Board System (Prod 1505011)
Orthopedic peg board positioner, with option featuring non-radiol ... [more]
Leg Holder Foam Inserts (Prod 4656)Leg Holder Foam Inserts (Prod 4656)
Inserts come in Single use and Reusable options. Single Use F ... [more]
Loute / Bowen Wire Tightener (Prod 8922)Loute / Bowen Wire Tightener (Prod 8922)
The Loute/Bowen Wire Tightener is designed to avoid the small nic ... [more]
Low Profile Leg Holder (Prod 4655)Low Profile Leg Holder (Prod 4655)
Low-profile, or low-height, leg holder. Also known as "The Airli ... [more]
Luque Rectangles (Prod 5019)Luque Rectangles (Prod 5019)
Stainless Steel 3/16 (4.8mm) Diameter Lengths range from 4.0 ... [more]
PosiFoam™ Positioning Pads (Prod 1504281)PosiFoam™ Positioning Pads (Prod 1504281)
Designed to provide versatile, patient positioning options Feat ... [more]
Replacement Leg Holder Pads and Boots (Prod 10005)
Replacement pads and boots for a variety of well leg holders / st ... [more]
Replacement Pads for Lateral Positioners (Prod 6379)Replacement Pads for Lateral Positioners (Prod 6379)
For use with IMP® and original McGuire or lateral positioner hip ... [more]
Shoulder Suspender/Distractor (Prod 4657)Shoulder Suspender/Distractor (Prod 4657)
The shoulder suspender provides excellent shoulder joint exposure ... [more]
Single Use Cover with Velcro Closure (Prod 9999)Single Use Cover with Velcro Closure (Prod 9999)
Protect the investment on your leg holder or knee holder. Using ... [more]
Stainless Steel Blade Side Rail Socket (Prod 150507)Stainless Steel Blade Side Rail Socket (Prod 150507)
Fits all 1/4" flat bar blade style accessories and fits on a stan ... [more]
Standard Profile Leg Holder (Prod 5025)Standard Profile Leg Holder (Prod 5025)
Features Easy to use Lightweight Foam inserts Stainless stee ... [more]
Steinman Pins (Prod 5015)Steinman Pins (Prod 5015)
Available in Trocar or Diamond Point Any Length Any ... [more]
Stryker Type Leg Holder (Prod 8919)Stryker Type Leg Holder (Prod 8919)
A new version of the discontinued Stryker model Features ... [more]