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Advanced Cement Mixing (ACM) System
The Advanced Cement Mixing (ACM) System is a convenient and effec ... [more]
CBCII ConstaVac Blood Conservation System
Closed blood recovery system used postoperatively to collect, fil ... [more]
CORE Bone Mill (Prod 10516)
The Mill is an innovative electronic bone mill designed to delive ... [more]
Dri-Lok Disposable CannulasDri-Lok Disposable Cannulas
The Dri-Lok™ disposable shoulder cannula is used during arthros ... [more]
Flyte™ Steri-Shield® (Prod 10841)
Lightweight personal protection system Meets AAMI Level 4 stand ... [more]
Heavy Duty Powered Instruments
Stryker Instruments advances orthopaedics with the power, speed, ... [more]
InterPulse System
InterPulse System advances the ease and performance of battery po ... [more]
Malis Bipolar Electrosurgical System (Prod 3211)
Malis® Bipolar Electrosurgical System, with our patented Dual ... [more]
Micro Surgical Powered Instruments
The design of Stryker Instruments' Micro Surgical Powered Instrum ... [more]
Mixevac® III (Prod 5872)
A universal bowl mixer that mixes all types of bone cement under ... [more]
MultiGen RF Generator (Prod 160211)
The MultiGen RF generator is intended for the coagulation of soft ... [more]
The PainPump®2 pumps medication using a pulsing method. A pul ... [more]
Precision Oscillating Tip Saw (Prod 7693)
Saw without a moving blade shaft. Only the tip oscillates. Vibr ... [more]
SILVERGlide ® Non-Stick Coagulation Electrodes
Silverglide coagulation electrodes are available in many sizes an ... [more]
SILVERGlide® bipolar forceps
SILVERGlide® bipolar forceps incorporate a proprietary metall ... [more]
SmartPump ®
InstruMed's innovative SmartPump® tourniquets deliver new cli ... [more]
SmartSponge System (Prod 10760)
The SmartSponge® System is the only sponge management system to ... [more]
SmartWand-DTX (Prod 10761)
SmartWand-DTX, part of our radio-frequency identification (RFID)- ... [more]
SONOPET Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (Prod 9909)
Patented technology that provides a "bone cutting" function that ... [more]
Spetzler Long Claw Tip (Prod 6431)
The Long Claw will allow expanded use of the ultrasonic bone aspi ... [more]
Spetzler Malis Forceps (Prod 160211)
Spetzler Malis forceps are single-use devices intended for coagul ... [more]
Sterishield T4 System
Stryker Instruments, offers its 4th generation of personal prote ... [more]
Stryker PainPump®
The Stryker PainPump® utilizes sustained vacuum pressure to d ... [more]
Stryker Revolution™ Cement Mixing System (Prod 4546)
A cartridge mixing and delivery system This universal mixer mi ... [more]
System 5 Surgical Handpieces
Battery powered instrumentation with single or double rotary hand ... [more]
System 7
The next generation of heavy duty surgical power tools for use in ... [more]