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Product Listings for Mathys AG Bettlach
Affinis-Total Shoulder Endoprosthesis (Prod 5565)
Features a relocatable cone and an eccentric head for restoring t ... [more]
Articula (Prod 3278)
Dedicated trauma shoulder replacement system with easy, as well ... [more]
balanSys (Prod 3277)
The balanSys is a total knee replacement system. Mathys has partn ... [more]
balanSys Kneelogics Navigation System (Prod 5116)
The balanSys Kneelogics Navigation System for use with the Mathys ... [more]
balanSys REVISION (Prod 11206)
The balanSys® REVISION system provides the optimum solut ... [more]
Bionit2 Ceramic Femoral Heads (Prod 5564)
Total hip replacement heads made of Bionit® (AI2O3 ceramic) a ... [more]
Bone Cement (Prod 11823)
High and low viscosity and available also with or without Gentamy ... [more]
CBC Stem (Prod 5556)
The CBC stem is designed for a cementless fixation in the proxima ... [more]
CBH Stem (Prod 5557)
The CBH stem is a modular, uncemented stem based on the experienc ... [more]
CBK Revision Stem (Prod 5560)
The CBK Revision stem is intended for cementless application and ... [more]
CCA Straight Stem (Prod 11821)
CCA Straight Stem standard and lateral. The cemented CCA straight ... [more]
CEMFIX 1 (Prod 5117)
High viscosity bone cement for manual use ... [more]
CEMFIX 3 (Prod 5118)
Cemfix 3 is a low viscosity bone cement without antibiotics for s ... [more]
Centris (Prod 5554)
A cemented stem made out of stainless steel with a highly gloss p ... [more]
CoCrMo Femoral Heads (Prod 5563)
Total hip replacement heads made of CoCrMo available in 28 and 32 ... [more]
Fullfix Stem (Prod 5555)
A cemented femoral stem prosthesis. The Fullfix system includes ... [more]
GENTAFIX 1 (Prod 5119)
Antibiotics (Gentamicin) loaded, high viscosity bone cement for d ... [more]
GENTAFIX 3 (Prod 5120)
Gentafix 3 is an antibiotics (Gentamicin) loaded, low viscosity b ... [more]
Medullary Plug (Prod 11822)
This medullary plug is manufactured from ultra-high-molecular pol ... [more]
Muller Total Hip System (Prod 3276)
A total hip system developed by Dr Maurice Muller which can be ut ... [more]
optimys Hip Stem (Prod 11820)
The optimys® hip stem is the ideal solution for young and act ... [more]
RM Cup (Prod 5561)
The RM cup is an uncemented, monoblock cup made of UHMWPE availab ... [more]
RM Finger Prosthesis (Prod 3279)
The cementless finger joint prosthesis should enable a near norma ... [more]
Stainless Steel Femoral Heads (Prod 5562)
Total hip replacement heads made of stainless steel and are avail ... [more]
twinSys Stems (Cemented) (Prod 5559)
A cemented primary femoral stem featuring a highly-polished surfa ... [more]
twinSys Stems (Uncemented) (Prod 5558)
The uncemented twinSys stem features a triple taper design and th ... [more]