Mikai, S.p.A.

Product Listings for Mikai, S.p.A.
Blue Shark (Prod 8659)
External fixator for the pelvis. Radiolucent. MRI compatible. ... [more]
Conical Astragalic Screw (Prod 6482)
A screw designed for correction of planovalgus of the foot in chi ... [more]
F.E.P. (Polivalent External Fixator) (Prod 6481)
External fixator appropriate for most long bones and the pelvis. ... [more]
Falena Interspinous Decompression Device (Prod 9472)
Falena® is a small titanium and PEEK implant inserted during ... [more]
Smart System (Prod 6480)
The Smart System is a modular external fixator for use on small b ... [more]