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Balance System
The Balance System evaluates neuromuscular control by quantifying ... [more]
BioStep Semi-Recumbent Elliptical
The BioStep™ Semi-Recumbent Elliptical Trainer combines the ... [more]
Cyclocentric Semi-Recumbent Cycle
The Cyclocentric™ Semi-Recumbent Cycle is a versatile tool ... [more]
Fixed Height Surgical C-Arm Table
Designed for unrestricted head-to-toe C-Arm positioning during im ... [more]
Gait Trainer
The Gait Trainer provides audio and visual biofeedback of step le ... [more]
Lower Body Cycle
The Lower Body Cycle incorporates two universally accepted and sc ... [more]
Recumbent Squat System
A closed-chain functional strength training system designed speci ... [more]
Rehabilitation Treadmill
A rehabilitation treadmill with zero starting speed, speed contro ... [more]
Semi-Recumbent Cycle
The Semi-Recumbent Cycle incorporates two universally accepted cy ... [more]
Standard Cable Column
The Standard Cable Column allows patients to perform simulated th ... [more]
Surgical C-Arm Table - 830 (Prod 2609)
Versatile, full function OR table featuring an extra-large radiol ... [more]
System 3
The System 3 identifies, treats and documents the physical impair ... [more]
Unweighing Systems
The Unweighing Systems reduce a patient's body weight during reha ... [more]
Upper Body Cycle
The Upper Body Cycle incorporates two universally accepted and sc ... [more]