Frank Stubbs Company, Inc.

Product Listings for Frank Stubbs Company, Inc.
Acromioclavicular (A/C) Splint (Prod 6814)
Immobilizes arm and shoulder. Limits range of motion. ... [more]
Flex-Support Clavicle Braces (Prod 6817)
Supports designed for the treatment of clavicle fractures, upper ... [more]
Neoprene Ankle Support (Prod 6812)
Provides 4-way compression to reinforce ankle and foot muscles th ... [more]
Quicky Toad Finger Splint (Prod 6816)
Also known as a frog splint. Used for the stabilization or immobi ... [more]
Universal Thumb Splint (Prod 6815)
This particular splint can be used in place of the SPICA Thumb Sp ... [more]