Product Listings for Implanet
Boogie (Prod 150402)
The Boogie acetabular cup, associated with its various inserts, i ... [more]
Haka-PLIF (Prod 150402)
The interbody cage system Haka-PLIF, offers a wide range of cages ... [more]
Hip-Hop (Prod 150402)
Of French design and manufacture, the Hip-Hop mobile cup is a sin ... [more]
Implanet Spine System (Prod 150402)
The Implanet Spine System is aimed for spinal posterior fixations ... [more]
Jazz (Prod 150402)
JAZZ is a temporary implant to be used in orthopedic surgery. The ... [more]
Jazz Claw (Prod 160531)
The Jazz Claw system is a hybrid-implant for the treatment of deg ... [more]
Jazz Lock® (Prod 1604081)
Jazz Lock® is the first of an innovative range of band products ... [more]
JAZZ™ Standalone (Prod 1705041)
The JAZZ™ Standalone implant is a rodless posterior fixation sy ... [more]
Madison Total Knee Prosthesis (Prod 150402)
The Madison Total Knee Prosthesis is decicated to primary surgery ... [more]
Mambo (Prod 150402)
The design of the Mambo acetabular cups is based on the Charnley ... [more]
Paso Wire (Prod 150402)
Paso Wire is a strong polyethylene (PE) braided suture thread ont ... [more]
Quick Step (Prod 150402)
Quick Step is a resorbable anchor for ligament instability treatm ... [more]
Samba (Prod 150402)
Samba cementless is a self-locking prosthesis , without collar, d ... [more]
Samba - Cemented Prosthesis (Prod 150402)
The Samba - Cemented Prosthesis is the "cemented" version of the ... [more]
Tango (Prod 150402)
Tango is a cemented Charnley-Kerboull type prosthesis , with a fu ... [more]
Twist-Button (Prod 141001)
The Twist-Button is a cortical support system indicated for fixat ... [more]
Twist-Screws (Prod 150402)
Twist-Screws are Resorbable Interference Screws indicated for int ... [more]