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Fracture Table Extension (Prod 4518)
May be easily set up by one person. Maintenance-free equipment. ... [more]
Lobator SD-2 Bonebank System
Thermal processing device that allows a hospital to retrieve the ... [more]
Lobator SD-2 Bonebank System
The Lobator SD-2 Bonebank System was designed in 1992 due to the ... [more]
Marburg Bonebank-System (Prod 1804048)
The Marburg Bonebank-System for the thermal disinfection of allog ... [more]
RLH 630 Arthroscopy Leg Holder
Low profile and easy to use holder that fits into any Clark socke ... [more]
Stress Device
This device provides a known amount of pressure that is illuminat ... [more]
TP 300 Lateral Positioner and OR Patient Support (Prod 4519)
Patient positioner Fits into any standard clark socket rail hol ... [more]
Trevira Synthetic Ligament (Prod 4517)
Polyethylene terephthalates synthetic ligaments that have been su ... [more]