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Product Listings for 3-Point Products, Inc.
Buddy Loops (Prod 1708)
Protect finger injuries with this secure, reusable finger wrap. E ... [more]
Bunion-Aider (Prod 8436)
The 3-point strap of the Bunion-Aider™ stabilizes the great ... [more]
Carpal Lift (Prod 10955)
A dynamic support for the ulnar (little finger) side of the wrist ... [more]
Cindy Splint (Prod 5460)
Features semi-flexible palmar and dorsal stays. Maintains the wr ... [more]
Comforter Splint (Prod 1897)
Comforter Splint™ aligns the wrist and fingers to remove st ... [more]
Final Flexion Wrap (Prod 10939)
Restore full finger flexion (bending) with this soft, adjustable, ... [more]
Finger Sling (Prod 10937)
Adjustable length cuff fits every splinting need. Great clinic su ... [more]
Finger Trapper (Prod 10938)
Apply comfortable, non-slip traction for post-op or dynamic splin ... [more]
FoamWrap ACTION Elbow Wrap (Prod 1710)
The FoamWrap ACTION Elbow Wrap replaces messy taping and bulky el ... [more]
FoamWrap ThumWrap (Prod 1892)
Ideal to relieve mild pain or strain due to repetitive stress or ... [more]
Gel Mate (Prod 10960)
Self-adherent silicone gel flattens sand softens scars for optima ... [more]
Oval-8 Finger Splints (Prod 1707)
Seamless molded plastic splints are so thin and lightweight you w ... [more]
PF Lift (Prod 10961)
Relieve the pain of Plantar Fasciitis or heel spurs day or night. ... [more]
Polycentric Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint (Prod 1706)
The Polycentric Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint offers an excellent ... [more]
Pro-ferred™ Finger Splints (Prod 8434)
Adhesive splint that wraps securely around the finger with an emb ... [more]
Putty (Prod 10963)
Soft, air fluffed putty is never greasy or sticky. Medium resista ... [more]
Radial Hinged Ulnar Deviation Splint (Prod 10957)
Provides added control to reduce ulnar deviation at the fingers f ... [more]
Reflex Putty (Prod 10962)
The only putty with memory provides a great work out for hand and ... [more]
Return To Work (RTW) Gloves by Cutters (Prod 8435)
Secure gripping palm improves power and safety. The exceptional g ... [more]
Scar Rx (Prod 10959)
Everything your doctor recommends for softer, less noticeable for ... [more]
Side Step Splint (Prod 10936)
Applies adjustable tension to help straighten fingers twisted sid ... [more]
SkinSational (Prod 10958)
Gentle, effective scar massage tool reduces or prevents adhesions ... [more]
Step Down Splint (Prod 10935)
Provides adjustable tension to restore finger flexion (bending) a ... [more]
Step Up Splint (Prod 10934)
Lightweight splint uses adjustable tension to straighten fingers ... [more]
ThumDuction Strap (Prod 10942)
Two-part strap helps decrease abnormal tone and positions the thu ... [more]
ThumSaver CMC Long (Prod 10954)
Molded splint protects the wrist and thumb from the pain of tendi ... [more]
ThumSaver CMC Short (Prod 1894)
Ultra-thin, light weight and strong, the ThumSaver CMC Short less ... [more]
ThumSaver MP (Prod 1893)
Stabilizes the MP joint and the CMC joint of the thumb and has be ... [more]
ThumSling (Prod 5209)
Soft CMC support that "hugs" the thumb for positioning and pain r ... [more]
ThumSling Long (Prod 10940)
Soft, foam-lined splint supports the wrist and the CMC joint of t ... [more]