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Product Listings for Wright Medical Group N.V.
Aequalis Ascend Convertible Shoulder System (Prod 11460)
The Aequalis Ascend Convertible Shoulder System is the newest mem ... [more]
Aequalis Fracture Stem (Prod 6519)
Innovative bone graft window and low profile design to maximize t ... [more]
Aequalis PerFORM System (Prod 150421)
The Aequalis PerFORM system embodies meaningful advancement witho ... [more]
Aequalis Reversed Shoulder Prosthesis (Prod 7784)
Result of over twelve years of clinical trials and rigorously doc ... [more]
Aequalis Total Shoulder System (Prod 3302)
The Total Shoulder system for both fracture and primary arthropla ... [more]
Aequalis™ Reversed Fracture Shoulder Prosthesis (Prod 150421)
The Aequalis™ Reversed Fracture Shoulder Prosthesis, designed s ... [more]
Affiniti Shoulder System (Prod 11427)
This system offers a unique pivoting reamer to simplify insertion ... [more]
Affiniti Stem Porous Coated (Prod 11426)
Porous Coated Affiniti™ Stem for shoulder joint replacement&nbs ... [more]
ALLOMATRIX® C Cancellous Graft (Prod 1005)
ALLOMATRIX® C Cancellous Graft is a combination of ALLOMATRIX® ... [more]
ALLOMATRIX® DR Peri–Articular Graft (Prod 1006)
Graft For Small Peri-Articular Fractures ... [more]
ALLOMATRIX® Injectable DBM Biocomposite (Prod 1007)
ALLOMATRIX® Injectable DBM Biocomposite is a combination of demi ... [more]
ALLOPURE® Allograft Bone Wedges (Prod 1407264)
For Foot & Ankle Surgery. ALLOPURE® Evans and Cotton Wedges were ... [more]
ArthroPass II Suture Passer (Prod 150421)
The ArthroPass II Suture Passer is indicated for passing suture t ... [more]
ArthroTunneler (Prod 11185)
The ArthroTunneler™ is a sterile, single patient use devic ... [more]
Ascend Shoulder (Prod 11179)
The Ascend™ Shoulder is a bone-sparing implant system that inco ... [more]
ASI (Angled Subtalar Implant) (Prod 6915)
One-piece, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene implant inten ... [more]
Augmatrix Biocomposite Bone Graft (Prod 12040)
This Augmatrix product line is comprised of carbonate-apatite (ca ... [more]
Axya Bioabsorbable Suture Anchor (Prod 5456)
Elliptical Suture-Friendly Eyelets. Two Individual Eyelets - Elim ... [more]
Axya Polymer Suture Implant (Prod 7687)
Radiolucent suture anchor. Less expensive than metal or bioabsor ... [more]
Axya Titanium Suture Anchors (Prod 2776)
Unique Self Starting Thread Design (5mm only). Allows for a Quick ... [more]
AxyaLoop Knotless Fixation System (Prod 2480)
The AxyaLoop delivery system for arthroscopic orthopedic surgery. ... [more]
BioArch Subtalar Implant (Prod 8341)
The BioArch Subtalar Implant is a one-piece titanium implant for ... [more]
BioFiber Surgical Mesh (Prod 11386)
BioFiber® Surgical Mesh for the repair of rotator cuff and other ... [more]
BIOFOAM® Wedge System (Prod 1407253)
Cancellous Titanium Matrix that provides consistent strength and ... [more]
BIOTAPE XM® Tissue Matrix (Prod 150818)
BIOTAPE XM® Tissue Matrix is a terminally sterile dermal matrix ... [more]
CalcLock Calcaneal Trauma System (Prod 8049)
Bone fixation plates and screws designed for fractures of the cal ... [more]
CalcLock Extreme™ (Prod 150421)
The CalcLock Extreme™ system provides anatomically contoured pe ... [more]
Cancello-Pure® Bone Wedges (Prod 1407012)
Cancello-Pure® Bone Wedges provide surgeons an expanded supply o ... [more]
Cannulated Screw System (Prod 11813)
This Cannulated Screw System has the widest range of sizes all in ... [more]
CannuLink™ Intraosseous Fixation System (Prod 150421)
The CannuLink™ Intraosseous Fixation System is the revolutionar ... [more]