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Product Listings for Exactech, Inc.
aap Trauma Products (Prod 559)
The stainless steel version of this fracture repair system. Compr ... [more]
Acapella® One Cervical Spacer System (Prod 151018)
The Acapella® One Cervical Spacer System is a cervical cage w ... [more]
Accelerate PRP System (Prod 8354)
Platelet concentration system that offers high platelet yields th ... [more]
AcuDriver® Automated Osteotome System (Prod 150329)
Air-driven impact handpiece with precision osteotomes in various ... [more]
AcuMatch M-Series Modular Hip System (Prod 554)
Three-piece modular stem designed to address even the most compli ... [more]
Acumatch P-Series Porous Coated Hip System (Prod 552)
Optimizes rotational stability for enhanced long term stability. ... [more]
Alteon Monobloc Revision Femoral Stem (Prod 151011)
The Alteon Monobloc Revision Femoral Stem is a press-fit, one-pie ... [more]
Alteon Neck Preserving Femoral Stem (Prod 150329)
The Alteon Neck Preserving Femoral Stem was developed for primary ... [more]
Alteon™ Tapered Wedge Femoral Stem (Prod 150329)
Alteon™ Tapered Wedge Femoral Stem incorporates specific featur ... [more]
ALTES Anterior Buttress Plate (Prod 8272)
ALTES™ Anterior Buttress Plate was initially presented at t ... [more]
Altiva Classic ACP (Prod 8541)
The Altiva Classic ACP (Anterior Cervical Plating System)is an an ... [more]
Altiva DBM (Prod 7682)
As a gel, paste, or solid, Altiva DBM allows the surgeon to craft ... [more]
ArcTec (Prod 8537)
ArcTec is a semi-rigid low profile plating system. Previously ava ... [more]
BIOLOX Delta Ceramic Femoral Head (Prod 11171)
BIOLOX® delta ceramic femoral heads, a high-demand bearing su ... [more]
Bipolar Prosthesis (Prod 555)
Cobalt Chromium (F-75) outer shell Ultra High Molecular Weight Po ... [more]
Bryan Block Allograft Interbody Spacer (Prod 5205)
This allograft interbody spacer is designed to provide restoratio ... [more]
Cemex System Fast Genta (Prod 5818)
Bone cement loaded with 2.5% gentamycin. Enclosed system to redu ... [more]
cerView (Prod 8540)
The cerView Anterior Cervical Plate is designed for use as an ant ... [more]
Connexion GXL (Prod 5895)
Connexion GXL is an enhanced polyethylene acetabular liner for th ... [more]
Contour II (Prod 8538)
The Contour II Degenerative Low Back System is a rod based lumbar ... [more]
Diamond Hip Bearings (Prod 8171)
As a part of a comprehensive hard bearing program, the company e ... [more]
Epic Cannulated Screws (Prod 1704245)
The Epic Cannulated Screws will address the vast majority of impl ... [more]
Epic Plating System (Prod 1704244)
A full line of anatomical plates for the foot. This low cost plat ... [more]
Equinoxe Augmented Glenoids (Prod 8135)
Alpha and beta glenoid curvature enables any head size to be pair ... [more]
Equinoxe Fx Plate (Prod 11172)
Part of the Equinoxe® Platform Shoulder System. The lock ... [more]
Equinoxe Platform Fracture Stem (Prod 10058)
Equinoxe Platform Fracture Stem is designed to relieve pain and r ... [more]
Equinoxe Reverse Shoulder (Prod 4691)
A reverse shoulder is designed for patients who have an irreparab ... [more]