Zimmer Biomet Spine

Product Listings for Zimmer Biomet Spine
Access Dilation Port (Prod 1293)
Enables the surgeon to perform a traditional microdiscectomy util ... [more]
Allofuse Putty and gel is a Demineralized Bone Matrix, aids in th ... [more]
Ant-Cer II Dynamic Anterior Cervical Plate
Dynamic cervical plate with a segmented design and a controlled, ... [more]
ARAS Retractor Instrumentation
Provides visualization and access for minimally invasive spine pr ... [more]
Ardis Interbody Devices (Prod 9124)
Tapered nose to simplify insertion. Glare-resistant coating and l ... [more]
Avenue T TLIF Cage (Prod 1710081)
The Avenue T TLIF Cage is a posterior lumbar cage that incorporat ... [more]
A device implanted in the mid to low back to promote spinal fusio ... [more]
BacFix Spinal Fixation System
Posterior pedicle screw system. ... [more]
BAK/C Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion System
The self-packing feature of the BAK/C implant draws bone into the ... [more]
BAK/L Anterior Interbody Fusion System
Interbody fusion device. Previously available from Spine-Tech, In ... [more]
BAK/L Posterior Interbody Fusion System (Prod 1057)
Posterior interbody fusion device ... [more]
BP Interbody Anterior Fusion System
The Proximity implant is a hollow, porous, square-threaded device ... [more]
Cadence, Coda, Fortitude and Fidji Spacers
Cadence, Coda, Fortitude and Fidji Spacers which are implanted be ... [more]
CFix Cable Fixation System (Prod 1294)
Flexible titanium cable system for cervical fixation ... [more]
CopiOs Bone Void Filler (Prod 10771)
Utilizes Dical, a unique mineral solution, to create an environme ... [more]
DTO 5.5 System
New implants and instruments have been designed to connect the cl ... [more]
Dynesys Dynamic Stabilization System
The Dynesys® Dynamic Stabilization System combines the surgic ... [more]
FlexPosure Portal (Prod 7365)
Complete access system for minimally invasive spine surgery For ... [more]
Harmony Surgical Port (Prod 6270)
Supports a minimally invasive approach to surgery while maximizin ... [more]
Harmony™ Retractor System (Prod 7884)
Retractor system that provides surgeons access and visualization ... [more]
InCompass Spinal Fixation System (Prod 6271)
Posterior pedicle screw-based system designed to be placed in the ... [more]
InFix Anterior Lumbar Device
Modular device indicated for vertebral body replacement. ... [more]
Java Spinal Fixation System
Titanium. One and two step locking mechanisms. Optimal pull-out r ... [more]
Minit Cervicothoracic Fixation System
A top-loading system to accommodate minimally invasive or open ce ... [more]