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Product Listings for Ortho Active Appliances Ltd
Hinge Knee Brace (Prod 5632)
Knee brace with malleable aluminium lateral and medial polycen ... [more]
Knee Brace Undersleeve (Prod 5630)
This 2mm sleeve is to be worn under the more sophisticated knee ... [more]
Knee Immobilizer (Prod 5634)
Plush foam knee immobilizer with two medial, two lateral and t ... [more]
Newport Bi-Lateral Hip Orthosis (Prod 5645)
Used when hip rotation must be controlled to prevent dislocation ... [more]
Newport Post Op Hip Orthosis (Prod 5643)
A low profile modular system for potential problem hips. Orthopa ... [more]
Nitro Knee Systems (Prod 5646)
A knee support system that offers better comfort fit with a breat ... [more]
Ortho Active "Enforcer" Brace (Prod 5636)
Provides support for patella and medial collateral ligaments. Onc ... [more]
Ortho Active (Prod 5635)
A new design for mild ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and PCL (p ... [more]
Ortho Ice Facial Mask (Prod 5639)
This cold therapy support is made up of a series of small stay ... [more]
Ortho Ice Wraps (Prod 5640)
Available for ankle, knee, neck, and shoulder. This cold therapy ... [more]
Patella Stabilizer (Prod 5631)
Knee sleeve with patella hole and horseshoe felt buttress. ... [more]
Patella Strap (Prod 5629)
A neoprene strap with enclosed foam tube and adjustable Velcro ... [more]
Pediatric Hip Abduction Splint (Prod 5642)
Replaces spica casts and harnesses for certain congenital hip dys ... [more]
Polaris Knee Supports (Prod 5637)
It provides stability to the knee through normal ranges of motion ... [more]
Serie Oro: Silicone (Prod 5647)
Moldable silicone for flexible custom podiatric devices. Scientif ... [more]
Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis (Prod 5641)
Effective for male or female patients suffering from a variety of ... [more]