Mettler Electronics Corp.

Product Listings for Mettler Electronics Corp.
Auto Therm Shortwave Diathermy (Prod 6296)
The Auto*Therm® Shortwave Diathermy is an affordable shortwav ... [more]
Laser Sys Stim 540
The emerging light therapy technology uses infrared energy to pro ... [more]
Polar Frost Cold Gel (Prod 6297)
Polar Frost Cold Gel is specially formulated to provide soothing ... [more]
Sonicator® Therapeutic Ultrasound (Prod 6294)
The portable and lightweight Sonicator® Therapeutic Ultrasound i ... [more]
Sys Stim 206 (Prod 6295)
The Sys*Stim 206 is a one-channel neuromuscular stimulator that f ... [more]