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Product Listings for Buxton BioMedical, Inc
Bhattman Humeral Head Lever (Prod 4303)
Two widely spaced, semi-sharp prongs that fit on the posterior ed ... [more]
Bone Fracture Clamps (Prod 5338)
Small version for small bones of the hand and foot and larger ver ... [more]
Brand-style Tendon Strippers (Prod 5333)
Palmaris or plantaris grafts up to 600 mm. Closed circular cutti ... [more]
Capsule & Tendon Scissors (Prod 4305)
Super-hard Tungsten Carbide inserts added to sturdy seven inch Ma ... [more]
Darrach Retractor (Prod 4408)
To retract the humeral head for exposure of the acromion. Offere ... [more]
Fukuda-Kujat Retractor (Prod 7723)
Fukuda retractor modified with slightly forward distal bend and s ... [more]
Great Exposure Shoulder Rectractor Collection (Prod 1801301)
The Great Exposure Shoulder Rectractor Collection includes a seri ... [more]
Kolbel Retractor (Prod 4304)
Self retaining retractor for shoulder surgery including but not l ... [more]
Kolbel Soft Tissue Retractor (Prod 4306)
Modified Gelpi retractors with different curves and two prongs on ... [more]
McIntosh Suture Holder (Prod 7722)
McIntosh Suture Clamp. Hollow tube containing adjustible coil sp ... [more]
Needleholders (Prod 4302)
Heaney Needleholder with curved tip. New Orleans Needleholder wi ... [more]
Novel Retractor (Prod 4410)
Rack-and-pinion function designed to accept interchangeable Kolbe ... [more]
Optimal Shoulder Repair Set (Prod 7721)
Instrument set built around the Kolbel retractor frame. Ultra th ... [more]
Orthopedic Instruments (Prod 3221)
A complete line of shoulder instruments for arthroscopic as well ... [more]
Penetrating Awl (Prod 5335)
Matches curviture of the Buxton bone perforating tenaculum and th ... [more]
Subscapularis Spreader (Prod 4409)
Gelpi-like retractor with long arms curving through an arc of nea ... [more]
Tenectomy Rongeur (Prod 4406)
Double action. Reduced weight and bulk. Paired return springs. ... [more]
Thumkins (Prod 5337)
Soft, supple rings of thermoplastic that encircle the base of the ... [more]