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Product Listings for NORM Spine Technologies
Anterior Cervical System (Prod 10823)
The Anterior Cervical system consists of mobile emergency screws, ... [more]
Antibacterial Silver Screw System (Prod 10815)
Pedicle screw system used for the treatment of degenerative or pa ... [more]
ARMADA Anterior Thoracolumbar System (Prod 10818)
Anterior Thoracolumbar system consists of Straight Plate, self-lo ... [more]
Osteon MCD Device (Prod 10820)
The MCD cervical disc device is an alternative to arthrodesis for ... [more]
POLAR Cervical Peek Cage (Prod 10817)
POLAR Cervical Peek Cage is manufactured from PEEK material which ... [more]
Posterior Spinal System (Prod 10819)
This Posterior Spinal System is composed of pedicle screws, ... [more]
Spine System (Prod 10821)
Spine System is designed to perform percutaneous vertebroplasty, ... [more]
Vertelift-C & Vertelift-L (Prod 10816)
These distractable cervical and thoracolumbar Corpectomy Cag ... [more]
Vivax (Prod 10822)
Pure resorbable synthetic ß-Tricalcium Phosphate For a tota ... [more]