Designs for Vision, Inc.

Product Listings for Designs for Vision, Inc.
DayLite Metal Halide
This Halide Light Source has 18,000 Footcandles of light that p ... [more]
DayLite XeNon 300 (Prod 7625)
Xenon Headlight System Available in 110/115 V or 220 V Circ ... [more]
LED Daylite Twin Beam and LED Daylite
Portable battery powered bright white head lights.  45 day n ... [more]
Panoramic Loupes (Prod 200307)
Magnifying loupes that double the field of view 4.5x Panoramic ... [more]
Surgical Telescopes
2.5x, 3.5x, 4.5x, and 6.0x Available. ... [more]