Product Listings for 3M
3M Latitude Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 100)3M Latitude Total Elbow Prosthesis (Implant 100)
Contents AP view of Latitude Total Elbow Arthroplasty Courtes ... [more]
Bair Hugger Therapy Blankets (Prod 4718)
To warm patients when used with Bair Hugger temperature managemen ... [more]
Bair Hugger Therapy Underbody Blanket (Prod 4719)
Fits under patient to provide unrestricted access. This is a bea ... [more]
Bair Paws® (Prod 8298)
Bair Paws® system is a single gown that provides patients the ... [more]
Canvas Cast Shoes (Prod 2169)
A canvas cast shoe designed to improve the patient's gait while i ... [more]
Coban (Prod 4818)
A self-adherent elastic wrap that functions like a tape, but stic ... [more]
DuraPrep Surgical Solution (Prod 5939)
A patient skin prepping solution in a self-contained applicator c ... [more]
One-Step Patient Prep (Prod 7113)
Non-alcohol based preoperative skin prep. Faster application time ... [more]
Precise Vista Disposable Skin Stapler (Prod 5186)
Precise™ Vista Disposable Skin Stapler A disposable lever ... [more]
Prevena Restor™ Arthro-Form™ (Prod 10632)
The Prevenal Incison Management System is a powered, negative pre ... [more]
PREVENA RESTOR™ AXIO•FORM™ Incision Management System (Prod 2007073)
Contents Can assist in the reduction of swelling by administeri ... [more]
Primacast Unpadded Splint (Prod 2181)
A revolutionary splint technology that offers the speed and stren ... [more]
Reinforcing Strips (Prod 2170)
A reinforcing strip designed to aid in creating strong and durabl ... [more]
Scotchcast 2 Casting Tapes (Prod 2176)
A lightweight, durable and easy-to-wrap synthetic casting tape wh ... [more]
Scotchcast Cast Cream 70625 (Prod 2171)
Scotchcast Conformable Splint (Prod 2182)
A ready-to-use, highly conformable splint made of layered fibergl ... [more]
Scotchcast Custom Length Splint (Prod 2183)
A cut-to-length fiberglass splinting material that is packaged in ... [more]
Scotchcast One-Step Splint (Prod 2184)
A splint that incorporates foam padding, layered fiberlass and br ... [more]
Scotchcast Plus Casting Tapes (Prod 2177)
A lightweight, strong and durable casting tape that combines the ... [more]
Scotchcast Poly Casting Tapes (Prod 2178)
Scotchcast Poly casting tape is easy to use and mold, and micro-c ... [more]
Scotchcast Soft Cast Casting Tapes (Prod 2179)
A fiberglass casting tape that does not set to a completely rigid ... [more]
Skin and Nasal Antiseptic (Prod 9996)
Film-forming materials that enable the active ingredient to remai ... [more]
Splint Scissors 74002 (Prod 2173)
A pair of scissors designed for use with Scotchcast™ Custom Len ... [more]
Steri-Strip S Surgical Skin Closure (Prod 7175)
Non-invasive, adhesive-based wound closure device designed to clo ... [more]
Synthetic Cast Padding (Prod 2167)
A non-woven polyester padding suitable for use with all casting m ... [more]
Synthetic Cast Stockinette (Prod 2168)
This synthetic stockinette is an underlayment for all standard ca ... [more]
Tegaderm Ag Mesh Dressing with Silver (Prod 6784)
Fast-acting long-lasting antimicrobial barrier effectiveness agai ... [more]
Tegagel (Prod 5078)
Hydrogel is a cross-linked polymer gel that can be shaped into sh ... [more]
Wet or Dry Cast Padding (Prod 12086)
Handles like traditional polyester cast padding. It’s easy ... [more]