Captiva Spine

Product Listings for Captiva Spine
Apollon (Prod 11014)
Apollon™ provides spine surgeons complete control of the ro ... [more]
CapLox Spinal Fixation System (Prod 11015)
The CapLox Spinal System is a posterior pedicle screw system indi ... [more]
FuseLox (Prod 11016)
FuseLox™ implants are designed to grip with ridges on the i ... [more]
Pivotec (Prod 11018)
Pivotec™ is a patented pivotal implant delivery system that ... [more]
SmartLox Anterior Cervical Plate System (Prod 11017)
SmartLox™ Anterior Cervical Plate System with NiTinol&trade ... [more]
TowerLOX Minimally Invasive Lumbar Surgery System (Prod 150724)
The TowerLOX™ system is a cannulated pedicle screw, tower a ... [more]
TransFasten Posterior SI Fusion System (Prod 1801203)
Posterior Approach – Potentially reduces operative time and Neu ... [more]
Vane (Prod 11019)
The Vane™ pedicle screw system provides simple intuiti ... [more]