Product Listings for Ecolab
ACS Face Shield System (Prod 4226)
Protects the healthcare provider from exposure to body fluids, sh ... [more]
C-Arm Drapes & X-Ray Covers (Prod 8894)
The superior performance of these equipment drapes not only prote ... [more]
ChillBuster (Prod 11207)
From pre-op to post-op and anywhere warming blankets are used, Ch ... [more]
EnCompass™ Environmental Hygiene Program
EnCompass™ Environmental Hygiene Program with CleanOp® room tu ... [more]
Microtek® Surgical Equipment Drapes
Innovative drape designs that protect the sterile field, help red ... [more]
OrthoPrep® Femoral Bone Prep System (Prod 6771)
The OrthoPrep® Femoral Bone Prep System is a convenient, space s ... [more]
ORTHOPREP® Suction Device (Prod 141017)
Comes with an extra OrthPrep® filter allowing for ease of exchan ... [more]
OrthoPrep™ Shoulder and Elbow Cement Restrictor System (Prod 7764)
System offering 12-mm and 15-mm cement restrictors on a disposabl ... [more]
PerfectPouch (Orthopedic Drapes) (Prod 11606)
Fluid control is a high priority in maintaining risk reduction an ... [more]
Stackhouse Cut-resistant Glove Liners (Prod 11608)
Increased protection from sharp instruments and bone fragments.&n ... [more]
Stackhouse Face Shield System (Prod 11607)
The Face Shield system offers the clinician a comfortable and con ... [more]
Venodyne DVT Compression Therapy (Prod 6485)
Accreditation bodies now recommend prophylaxis on surgeries 45 mi ... [more]
Wound-Evac Closed Wound Drainage (Prod 11605)
Designed to help surgeons achieve constant post-operative drainag ... [more]