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Product Listings for MicroPort Orthopedics Inc. MPO
A-Class Polyethylene Line (Prod 6367)
Proprietary cross-linking process to make it more wear resistant. ... [more]
ADVANCE Revision Knee System (Prod 1392)
Revision total knee arthroplasty. ... [more]
Advance Stature Femoral Component (Prod 8048)
Advance Knee System. Tapered design to address the implant sizin ... [more]
ADVANTIM Total Knee Systems (Prod 1390)
Total knee arthroplasty system ... [more]
Antelope (Prod 150206)
The Antelope™, Anterior Cervical Plate System, is a semi-rigid ... [more]
AXIOM Total Knee System (Prod 1391)
Total knee arthroplasty system ... [more]
BIOFOAM Cancellous Titanium Tibial Base (Prod 8577)
The BIOFOAM™ Tibial Base features a proprietary bone-like titan ... [more]
CONSERVE Femoral Surface Replacement (Prod 1361)
Designed to restore normal joint mechanics and stability with min ... [more]
CONSERVE Total Hip System with BFH Technology (Prod 1362)
Linerless, super-finished cobalt chrome cup, with a large diamete ... [more]
DYNASTY Acetabular Cup System (Prod 8032)
The DYNASTY(TM) Acetabular Cup System combines the benefits of la ... [more]
DYNASTY BIOFOAM Acetabular Cup System (Prod 9894)
The DYNASTY® BIOFOAM™ Acetabular Cup System features proprieta ... [more]
EVOLUTION Medial-Pivot Knee System (Prod 10536)
EVOLUTION Medial-Pivot Knee System features enhanced instrumentat ... [more]
EXTEND Stems (Prod 1370)
Uncemented total hip arthroplasty. ... [more]
Firefox (Prod 150206)
FIREFOX™ Spinal Posterior Fixation System is a multiple com ... [more]
Firestone (Prod 150206)
Firestone™ Cervical Fusion Device (hereinafter short for Fi ... [more]
Futago (Prod 150206)
The Futago™ Lumbar & Thoracic Fusion Device is a PEEK ( ... [more]
GLADIATOR Bipolar Acetabular System (Prod 8033)
GLADIATOR Bipolar Acetabular System is a bipolar hip implant desi ... [more]
GUARDIAN Distal Femur (Prod 1394)
Prosthesis consists of an optional stem centralizer, a stem, and ... [more]
GUARDIAN Proximal Femur (Prod 1395)
Used for cases involving tumors, trauma or failed hip arthroplast ... [more]
GUARDIAN Proximal Tibia (Prod 1396)
Resurfacing femur design allows for only 28mm femoral bone resect ... [more]
GUARDIAN Revision Hinge (Prod 1397)
Resurfacing femur design allows for only 28mm of femoral bone res ... [more]
GUARDIAN Total Femur (Prod 1398)
The prosthesis consists of a femoral neck, optional midsection, m ... [more]
INTERSEAL Acetabular Cup system (Prod 1365)
Both beaded and plasma sprayed porous options available with soli ... [more]