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BrainLAB hip unlimited
Specifically designed for the orthopedic center of excellence, Br ... [more]
BrainLAB knee unlimited
Designed for the orthopedic center of excellence, the knee unlimi ... [more]
BrainLAB VectorVision 2
Platform for Image-Guided Surgery system (computed 3D visualizati ... [more]
BrainLAB VectorVision Compact
VectorVision® compact Image-guided Surgery system (computed 3 ... [more]
BrainLAB VectorVision Sky
The ceiling-mounted VectorVision® sky platform for Image-Guid ... [more]
The bone-to-soft-tissue contrast offered by the BrainSUITE® i ... [more]
Digital Templating on Digital Lightbox
The Digital Lightbox offers much more than a standard lightbox. I ... [more]
Allows you to routinely and accurately calculate the radiological ... [more]
Loop-X (Prod 1909281)
Loop-X is Mobile Robotic Imaging for all Spine Surgeries: Meet ... [more]
Supporting DICOM, TraumaCad enables import and export of any PACS ... [more]
VoyantFlow™ saves time and eases busy clinic days for surge ... [more]
The Image Exchange Network allows hospitals, clinics, imaging cen ... [more]
VoyantMark (Prod 9966)
The world's first fully positionable orthopedic X-ray calibration ... [more]
VoyantWeb / OrthoWeb
VoyantWeb™ technology platform, OrthoWeb is a highly secure ... [more]