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At www.orthopaediclist.com , we help those in the orthopaedic profession find, identify, and compare products and services related to orthopaedics. We list new and old products since you may need to remove an IM rod or revise an old prosthesis. You can search by category (like a textbook) or through computer technology.

X-ray Identification is a service whereby orthopaedic surgeons and others submit digital copies of x-rays of implants to help others identify products by comparing the images on Orthopaediclist.com to the x-rays in their offices.  It is also used by teaching facilities to show examples of the work done in orthopaedic surgery.

We are barrier-free with no user fee, log-on, or registration. We ask manufacturers and suppliers to support our efforts through fees based on product enhancements. Even if they decline to enhance their products, we will still help you find them.

We appreciate your visit and hope that you will return soon. Please relate our omissions, our errors, and your comments on your orthopaediclist.com experience to us through info@orthopaediclist.com . Your encouraging your suppliers and manufacturers to support our efforts could help us provide you the greatest amount of useful information.  Please tell your friends and colleagues about us.