Arthrosurface (now Anika Therapeutics)

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HemiCap (Implant 641)HemiCap (Implant 641)
Arthrosurface HemiCap, 2nd Metatarsal Head for Freiberg's Infract ... [more]
HemiCAP Foot
The HemiCAP® resurfacing system is a comprehensive surgical s ... [more]
HemiCAP Hip Resurfacing System
Restores the cartilage surface geometry of the femoral head and p ... [more]
HemiCAP Humeral Head Resurfacing Implant
Single drill hole. Implant fits flush with native bone. Small s ... [more]
Hemicap Ovo Humeral Resurfacing Implant (Prod 1410151)
A non-sperical (ovoid) humeral head resurfacing implant that repl ... [more]
HemiCAP Talus Resurfacing System
For focal defects in the talus rather than total ankle replacemen ... [more]
KISSloc Suture System
A mini plate and suture implant intended for the correction of a ... [more]
OsteoMATE (Prod 1704282)
OsteoMATE is an arthrodesis implant for the treatment of OA. The ... [more]
OVO (Prod 1703222)
The OVO is a stemless shoulder system indicated for total shoulde ... [more]
P-F Surface Replacement
HemiCAP Advantages: Inlay components restore original geometry. ... [more]
ToeMATE™ System (Prod 150630)
Strong, easy to install intramedullary bone screw implant with pr ... [more]
ToeMotion™ Total Toe Restoration System
The ToeMotion™ system consists of a Metatarsal based HemiCAP® ... [more]
UniCAP Unicondylar Knee
The UniCAP™ unicondylar knee system is a meniscus sparing i ... [more]
Wrist Motion® Hemiarthroplasty Implant System (Prod 201003)
Capitate replacement in conjunction with proximal row carpectomy ... [more]