Product Listings for DSM
Cartilage Repair Device (CRD)
Cartilage Repair Device (CRD) is a biphasic, bioresorbable scaffo ... [more]
ImproVise Resorbable Cement Flow Restrictor
The ImproVise™ Resorbable Cement Flow Restrictor is designe ... [more]
MacroPore OS™ Orthopedic System (Prod 3656)
Implants used to maintain the relative position of weak bony tiss ... [more]
MacroPore™ OS Spine System (Prod 3655)
Malleable and macroporous implant that is designed to act as a co ... [more]
Medhesive™ (Prod 7529)
High-strength, biocompatible adhesive that can be used in the pro ... [more]
Norian SRS
Injectable, moldable, biocompatible bone void filler. ... [more]
Porous Tissue Matrix
Several different bone graft substitutes fabricated from collagen ... [more]
Anti-bacterial, anti-clotting coatings for surgical devices. ... [more]