Orthopedic Sciences, Inc. (OSI)

Product Listings for Orthopedic Sciences, Inc. (OSI)
Bone Saver (Prod 10930)
Patented Bone Graft Collection System The Bone Saverâ„¢ allows ... [more]
Bone Shuttle (Prod 8650)
Allows placement of bone graft exactly where needed. ... [more]
Bone Tool (Prod 10928)
The BONE TOOL™ allows the surgeon to harvest several cores ... [more]
HPS Bone Tool (Prod 947)
Vacuum Assisted Bone and Marrow Harvesting System ... [more]
OT-A (Outologous Trephine-Aspirator) (Prod 7896)
Large volume bone marrow aspiration. ... [more]
Q System (Prod 10926)
The Q System™ offers easier access, outstanding visibility ... [more]
Selectflow (Prod 10927)
Irrigation Fluid management that provides flexibility and adapts ... [more]
Titanium Hip Tool Bone Graft Stabilization System (BGSS) (Prod 948)
Minimally invasive thorough debridement of the femoral head for o ... [more]
Titanium-TSY Shoulder Plate (Prod 7796)
The TSY™ Shoulder Plate stabilizes the fresh autologous can ... [more]