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Product Listings for Novastep Inc.
airlock Osteotomy Plates (Prod 1511302)
Open Wedge: 0mm3mm4mm5mm wedge lengths. Low-profile plates, smoot ... [more]
airlock Plating Instrument Tray (Prod 1511301)
The airlock® plating instrument sterilization tray is configured ... [more]
airlock® MTP Plates (Prod 1511303)
airlock® MTP Plates - right and left. The airlock® plating syst ... [more]
Arcad® Staple Fixation System (Prod 1511304)
Arcad® Staple Fixation System. 8mm10mm15mm18mm20mm25mm. The Arca ... [more]
Biofit™ Wedge System (Prod 1801275)
The Biofit™ Wedge System, consists of a variety of size-specifi ... [more]
bioflow™ (Prod 1801274)
bioflow™ is a multipurpose, frozen allograft derived from amnio ... [more]
bioplex™ (Prod 1801273)
bioplex™ is a amnion membrane derived from human placental tiss ... [more]
Charcot Fusion Frame (Prod 1511305)
The Charcot fusion frame was developed to specifically address th ... [more]
cleanSTART® (Prod 1511306)
For use with Lync® Arcad® Nexis® airlock® implants. A systema ... [more]
forefootCOMPLETE / forefootEXACT (Prod 1511307)
forefootCOMPLETE / forefootEXACT are Modular Instrument Trays for ... [more]
Lync® Hammertoe System (Prod 1511308)
Medium 0°Medium 10°Large 0°Large 10° The Lync® implant featu ... [more]
Nexis System (Prod 15113010)
Headless & Snap-off screws.   Ø2.3mm2.9mm3.5mm4.0mm2.0m ... [more]