KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. (KSEA)

Product Listings for KARL STORZ Endoscopy-America, Inc. (KSEA)
Aimer MPFL Reconstruction (Prod 12230)
In the area of MPFL reconstruction, a special aimer for reconstru ... [more]
BITER (Prod 12232)
BITER – Biceps Tendon Releaser Special features:  & ... [more]
Diamond TwinS (Prod 150315)
Instruments for gentle, autologous bone harvest for joint reconst ... [more]
Dilators (Prod 2032)
Dilators for tunnel management in cruciate ligament surgery. ... [more]
FLIPPTACK (Prod 12228)
In cooperation with well-known surgeons, a new minimally invasive ... [more]
Half Pipe (Prod 2027)
Half Pipe™ is an innovative introducer for shoulder joint a ... [more]
IMAGE1 (Prod 2040)
The IMAGE1™ platform includes a large selection of camera h ... [more]
IMAGE1 HD (Prod 8118)
Image 1 HD (high-definition technology). ... [more]
MegaFix Screw (Prod 2030)
The bioabsorbable interference screw whose design combines two pa ... [more]
MegaFix-P Screw (Prod 2031)
Perforated biodegradable interference screw ... [more]
MEGASHIM (Prod 12227)
A new wedge-shaped implant for use in aperture fixation of hamstr ... [more]
Powershaver S1 (Prod 2028)
Powershaver™ S1 is a customizable orthopedic shaver system ... [more]
Powershaver SL (Prod 2034)
An arthroscopic shaver system with a new level of technological s ... [more]
RoBi Rotating Bipolar Forceps & Scissors (Prod 6149)
Simultaneous, one-handed grasping, blunt dissection, and bipolar ... [more]
SILCUT (Prod 2029)
Arthroscopic punches for arthroscopic resections. ... [more]
SNAPPER SHOULDER PRO Tissue Penetrators (Prod 12231)
Tissue penetrators for reconstructive shoulder surgery. Special F ... [more]
SPS - Secure Portal System (Prod 2033)
The SPS system facilitates the positioning of portals during shou ... [more]
Synthacer (Prod 150315)
Hydroxyapatite / ceramic bone void filler ... [more]
Syntricer (Prod 150315)
Hydroxyapatite / ceramic bone void filler ... [more]
TELECAM Camera (Prod 2042)
The 1-chip version, TELECAM® camera is available in an autocl ... [more]
TRICAM Camera Head (Prod 2041)
Autoclavable 1.2 megapixel resolution, 3-chip camera. ... [more]