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Product Listings for Intrauma S.p.A.
Anteversa is an innovative system for the treatment of pertr ... [more]
Bat Bridge
Bat Bridge is a cerclage wire with pre-assambled cylindrical spac ... [more]
O'nil 3.5 Series
The O'nil 3.5 Series consists of plates for the clavicle,  d ... [more]
O'nil 5 Series
The O'nil 5 Series consists of plates for the Proximal Tibia, Dis ... [more]
O'nil Iron Lady Plate (Prod 11966)
For periprosthetic fractures of the hip Self-supporting struct ... [more]
O'nil Mini Series
The O'nil Mini Series consists of volar plates, malleolar plates, ... [more]
O'nil Periprosthetic Plates
A range of plates specifically for the treatment of peripros ... [more]
PFF Modular Hook
The PFF Modular Hook for treating proximal fractures of the femur ... [more]