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Alpha Lock (Prod 11035)
Alpha Lock is a single locking spinal fixation system for posteri ... [more]
BEAN CAGE (Prod 11036)
The implant is inserted unilaterally between the vertebral bodies ... [more]
CAPS Cervical Anterior Plating System (Prod 11029)
Uncortical locking design. Prevents migration & loosening of ... [more]
DAS (Prod 11031)
Distractable Anterior Spacer - Dorso Lumbar and Distractable Ante ... [more]
ETHAN Anterior Cervical Spacer (Prod 11034)
Eliminates Bone Grafting >One or more vertebral bodies can be ... [more]
FUZER (Prod 11033)
Cervical - Threaded Fusion Cage. Restoration of lordosis >Min ... [more]
OCTACAGE (Prod 11030)
Cervical Anterior Fusion Cage ... [more]
RECAGE (Prod 11032)
Cervical Anterior Fusion Cage. Spiked superior and inferior surfa ... [more]
RELIANT (Prod 11028)
The RELIANT Occipito - Cervico - Thoracic Spinal Fixation System ... [more]