Product Listings for BioD, LLC
BioDExCel (Prod 1407318)
The ExCel™ (AmnioExCel) Amniotic Extracellular Membrane is a s ... [more]
BioDfactor™ (Prod 11052011)
Structural tissue matrix derived from amniotic material. ... [more]
BioDfactor™ (Prod 11757)
BioDfactor™ has been developed as a liquid wound covering produ ... [more]
BioDfence™ (Prod 11756)
The BioDfence™ patch has been developed as an in vivo wound cov ... [more]
DryFlex Resorbable Adhesion Barrier (Prod 1407317)
The DryFlex® Resorbable Adhesion Barrier is a sterile, resorbabl ... [more]
Micronized Tissue Matrix (Prod 141100)
A cryopreserved injectable allograft derived from human placental ... [more]