Teknimed SA

Product Listings for Teknimed SA
Biovector Matrix (Prod 11219)
Collagen sponge that easily absorbs blood cells Excellent haemo ... [more]
Biovector Matrix Ceramic (Prod 11218)
Collagen haemostatic sponge whose formula includes HAP/TCP partic ... [more]
Bowl Spatula Kit (Prod 11227)
Bowl Spatula Kit to mix any pmma bone cement (manual/syringe appl ... [more]
Cementek® / Cementek LV® (Prod 6455)
Non-stoechiometric HYDROXYAPATITE prepared from the reaction betw ... [more]
Cemfix 1 / Cemfix 3 (Prod 11224)
Cemfix is a radiopaque, sterile and self-hardening pmma bone ceme ... [more]
Cemstop (Prod 11226)
Cemstop allows a sealing of the medullary cavity before the intro ... [more]
Ceraform (Prod 6453)
Ceraform’s chemical composition is 65% HAP and 35% TCP. Its str ... [more]
Ceraform Revolution (Prod 11216)
Ceraform Revolution is a very innovative synthetic bone substitut ... [more]
Euroscrew / Euroscrew TCP (Prod 11220)
Euroscrew is an absorbable interference screw for cruciate ligame ... [more]
F20 (Prod 11223)
A pmma medium viscosity bone cement with ideal radio-opacity (zir ... [more]
Gentafix 1 / Gentafix 3 (Prod 11225)
Gentafix Bone cements contain an antibiotic issued from family of ... [more]
Nanogel® (Prod 11215)
Hydroxylapatite nano particles gel aimed to fill bone defects ... [more]
Opacity+ (Prod 11222)
Opacity+ is a self-hardening and ready-to-use medium viscosity bo ... [more]
Spine-Fix (Prod 8661)
SPINE FIX is a ready-to-use acrylic osseous cement of the self-ha ... [more]
Syringe With Long Cannula (Prod 11229)
Syringe with long cannula ideally complies with surgeon’s n ... [more]
Syringe With Short Nozzle (Prod 11228)
Syringe with short nozzle ideally complies with surgeon’s n ... [more]
TRIHA+ (Prod 6454)
TRIHA+ tricalcic phosphate ceramic is highly soluble and degrades ... [more]