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Product Listings for Action Products, Inc.
Adaptive Cube Pad (Prod 5260)
The same AKTON Polymer surface as used in our XACT Contour Cushio ... [more]
Akton Angel Pads & Positioners (Prod 2402)
Deluxe supportive high-density polyfoam with our durable non-shea ... [more]
Chest Rolls (Prod 8716)
Gel pads that come in a variety of sizes from pediatric to bariat ... [more]
Clark Socket (Prod 5110)
Solid stainless steel Fits all American-made tables with standa ... [more]
Composite Pad Set (Prod 5251)
This 3-piece O.R. replacement pad set offers maximum shear reduct ... [more]
Composite Universal Armboard Pad (Prod 5252)
A combination of AKTON polymer and high-density foam offers maxim ... [more]
Contoured Armboard Pad (Prod 5253)
This new medium-sized pad offers excellent full-arm coverage. Con ... [more]
Donut Head Pad (Prod 5254)
Designed to protect and cradle patient's head, this pad affords e ... [more]
Full Mattress Pad With Bed Frame Hitch (Prod 5261)
This full mattress pad with hitch features high pressure and shea ... [more]
Hand Table (Prod 2377)
Built-in accessory rail clamps to standard OR table or stretcher. ... [more]
Hand/Wrist Support Pad (Prod 7106)
Gel coated form with gel straps secure the hand and forearm supin ... [more]
Heel Cups/Mini Positioners (Prod 5255)
This heel protector pad can be used for any procedure that is len ... [more]
Lateral Positioner (Prod 4327)
Engineered for patients in the lateral position to dramatically r ... [more]
Lateral Positioner Arm & Shoulder Protector (Prod 6498)
The Model 40610 Lateral Positioner is designed to protect the pat ... [more]
Orthopedic Hip Positioner (Prod 11580)
Supine positioner commonly known as a "bump" to provide consisten ... [more]
Pediatric Pads (Prod 140630)
Viscoelastic polymer line of pads for pediatric patients ... [more]
Pilot Flotation Pad (Prod 5259)
One full inch of AKTON polymer provides high-risk clients with pr ... [more]
Pivoting Armboard & Pad (Prod 2403)
26 x 6". Fits standard American made table rails. Finger latch tr ... [more]
Prone Headrest (Prod 4326)
Allows easy access for the anesthesiologist. The patient's head a ... [more]
Roller Replacement Covers (Prod 4325)
Makes your patient transfer devices look brand new. WSRC2515 Shor ... [more]
Side Rail Socket (Prod 4324)
Fits all American-made tables with standard side rails. Fits acce ... [more]
Tobaggan Shield (Prod 4022)
Two-piece set including the Tobaggan Shield and an AKTON gel pad. ... [more]
Twister LT (Prod 5263)
The TWISTER LT provides active users the benefit of reduced weigh ... [more]
The Akton® polymer cube pad provides excellent shear and pres ... [more]
XACT INDIVIDUAL Cushion (Prod 5258)
The XACT INDIVIDUAL™ provides over 115,000 configurations t ... [more]
XACT INTEGRATED Cushion (Prod 5257)
The XACT INTEGRATED Cushion incorporates a light weight solid bas ... [more]