Pro Orthopedic Devices, Inc.

Product Listings for Pro Orthopedic Devices, Inc.
Altered Diamondback Knee Sleeve 130A (Prod 6311)
Same patented features as the 130 Diamondback Knee Sleeve 130 but ... [more]
Altered Standard Knee Sleeve (Open Patella)110A (Prod 6308)
All the same features as the classic Standard Knee Sleeve 110 wit ... [more]
Altered Value Pro Knee Sleeve 109A (Prod 6306)
Same as 109 with patella opening. ... [more]
Baseball Knee Pad 175 (Prod 6315)
Designed to provide additional coverage over the PRO Turf Pad. Th ... [more]
Contact Sleeve 160 (Prod 6309)
Utilizing the classic design of the 110 Knee Sleeve, PRO has reco ... [more]
Deluxe Knee Sleeve 100 (Prod 6313)
The Deluxe Knee Sleeve 100 is the same patented design as the 130 ... [more]
Deluxe Knee Sleeve 100A (Prod 6314)
The Deluxe Knee Sleeve 100A is the same patented design as the 13 ... [more]
Deluxe Reinforced Knee Sleeve 100B (Prod 6332)
This sleeve provides a workable approach to the conservative trea ... [more]
Diamondback Knee Sleeve 130 (Prod 6310)
The exclusive PRO design, unique enough to receive a patent, make ... [more]
Dr. M Patella Brace 180 (Prod 6327)
This sleeve has become the time-tested successful conservative ap ... [more]
Dr. M-I Patella Brace 180I (Prod 6329)
Incorporates all the patented features of the Dr. M Patella Brace ... [more]
Dr.M-C Cartilage Brace 180C (Prod 6328)
This adaptation of the Dr. M employs the exclusive elastic dogbon ... [more]
Dr.M-U Universal Patella Support 180U (Prod 6330)
Same award-winning patented features as the Dr. M Patella Brace 1 ... [more]
Groin Strap 300 (Prod 6336)
Unequalled for effectiveness and time-saving when dealing with th ... [more]
Patella Strap 135 (Prod 6334)
Featuring a soft four inch long rubber bumper enclosed in a neopr ... [more]
Pro Turf Pad (Prod 6316)
Designed by an all-star third baseman to protect the knee from ab ... [more]
Spiral Knee Sleeve 105 (Prod 6312)
Full length sleeve of 1/8 thick neoprene with nylon lining provid ... [more]
Stabilizing Sleeve 115 (Prod 6333)
Building upon the time-tested design of the Classic Knee Sleeve. ... [more]
Standard Knee Sleeve 110 (Prod 6307)
The 110 is the classic knee sleeve which spawned a revolution in ... [more]
Thigh Sleeve 500 (Prod 6335)
Beneficial in the treatment of thigh and groin pulls. Sleeve prov ... [more]
Value-Pro Knee Sleeve 109 (Prod 6305)
Constructed of 1/8 thick neoprene with a nylon laminate on each s ... [more]
Wraparound Patella Support 180W (Prod 6331)
Count on PRO to design a wraparound support that gives the compre ... [more]