Product Listings for Brownmed
Bar Colles Splint (Prod 5970)
Aluminum splint contoured to fit the hand Lightweight ca ... [more]
Basic Elbow Support (Prod 1704)
Used to treat elbow strains, lateral epicondylitis or Tennis Elbo ... [more]
Bio-Dynamix (Prod 1703)
Bio-Dynamix™ knitted compression ankle support enhances proprio ... [more]
Flex 8 Elbow Extension Stabilizer (Prod 5969)
Therapeutic relief for patients with chronic pain frequently caus ... [more]
Heel Hugger
Effective treatment for chronic heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fa ... [more]
Herbst Cradle
Orthosis designed for plantar flexion contractures, pressure-free ... [more]
Joint Distractor
The Joint Distractor allows easy distraction of the small, irreg ... [more]
Nice Stretch Dorsal
An anterior night splint or plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendoni ... [more]
Pro Gel
Ankle stirrups with soothing gel to provide support following acu ... [more]
Easy to apply with the patented application ring, eliminates need ... [more]
SEAL-TIGHT Protector
Covering for dressings with PICC lines and elbow surgeries, allow ... [more]
Supplemental dressing that allows patients to shower while keepin ... [more]
A safe, economical protector for casts and bandages during recrea ... [more]
Shin Sleeve
Easy, economical and effective treatment for shin splints. Nonla ... [more]
Smart Glove
To prevent and relieve wrist pain when using a keyboard and mouse ... [more]
Smart Glove with Thumb Support
To ease wrist pain and/or thumb pain caused by: Repetitive Motion ... [more]
Shoe inserts made of 100% viscoelastic polymer for shock absorp ... [more]
Speed Hand Splint
Aluminum splint that provides immobilization and support for full ... [more]
Steady Step Walker
Toe to just below knee. For fractures and severe sprains. ... [more]
Steady Strider
For foot drop or peripheral neuropathy. Splint goes in front of ... [more]
Stretch X
Stretch X™ is a low profile night splint for patients with ... [more]
Toe Hold
Toe Hold® is designed to assist the physician treating patien ... [more]