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Product Listings for EPM Endo Plant Mueller Gmbh
Acetabular Reamer (Prod 4848)
The EPM MUELLER ® Acetabular Reamer as an acetabular reamer t ... [more]
Cup Extractor Standard (Prod 9813)
An extractor able to extract 38 to 75 mm external diameter acetab ... [more]
Cup Impactor (Prod 9815)
The cup impactor straight and MIS with different size impactor cl ... [more]
Hip Stem Extractor (Prod 4847)
The Hip Stem Extractor can be fixed to the exposed neck of any fe ... [more]
Modular Hollowrasp with Rasp Shaft (Prod 9814)
Free design of the rasp surface, which makes it applicable for ce ... [more]