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Product Listings for Carestream Health, Inc.
AXLxy and the mobile Z-Cart
The AXLxy® and the mobile Z-Cart is a turnkey, digital x-ray ... [more]
Carestream PACS
Affordable digital imaging solution that is scaleable and can be ... [more]
Dental Film Accessories Selection (Prod 2007275)
Contents Accessories include: GBX-2 Safelight Filters: GBX-2 ... [more]
DRX-L Detector – Single Shot LLI (Prod 2007111)
Contents Helps to capture long, quality images of patient leg o ... [more]
Extraoral Film Selection (Prod 2007273)
Contents Wide array of extraoral dental film can be employed fo ... [more]
INSIGHT F-Speed Intraoral X-Ray Film (Prod 2007272)
Contents Intraoral X-Ray film F-speed film provides high image ... [more]
MX-Orthopedic miniPACS
The MX-Orthopedic miniPACS platform is offered as a Web-server co ... [more]
OnSight 3D Extremity System CT Scanner (Prod 2007145)
Contents Can complete upper and lower extremity 3D exams, even ... [more]
X-Ray Screens and Cassettes Selection (Prod 2007274)
Contents Screens intended to match manufacturer's extraoral fil ... [more]