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Arthroscope System (Prod 3390)
These autoclavable arthroscopes come 4mm and 2.7 mm with 0, 30 an ... [more]
LISA (Super Absorbent Powder) (Prod 3394)
Let Lisa solve your problems with liquid on the floor. Lisa trans ... [more]
Rapidex - Absorbent Mat (Prod 11825)
Absorbent single use mat, mainly used on operating tables and bed ... [more]
RESOFIX Expansion Bolt (Anchor) (Prod 3391)
RESOFIX expansion bolt (Anchor)was developed for fixation of the ... [more]
Sam (Super Absorbent Mat) (Prod 3393)
Sam collects and binds liquid hygienically and safely without dri ... [more]
Smart-Anchor Dual System (Prod 3389)
Titanium suture anchor Not preloaded with suture Fo ... [more]
SmartAnchor (Prod 3736)
Permanent suture anchor to be used arthroscopically or in open su ... [more]
Viscoseal® (Prod 1801261)
Highly purified solution of sodium hyaluronate (50 mg/10 ml) ... [more]