MicroAire Surgical Instruments

Product Listings for MicroAire Surgical Instruments
1000 Series Small Power Instruments (Prod 2088)
The 1000 Series Small Power Systems offer the power and flexibili ... [more]
1000E Series Wrenchless Micro-Oscillating Saw Module (Prod 2090)
Oscillating Saw Module, Wrenchless, 24,000 CPM. ... [more]
7000 Series Large Power Instruments (Prod 2091)
The 7000 Series of Large Power Instruments offers Saws and Drill/ ... [more]
Carpal Tunnel Release System (Prod 2093)
Carpal Tunnel release system for open and endoscopic procedures. ... [more]
K-wire With Wire Guide (Prod 4694)
Multiple diameters. Individually sterile wrapped. Sharp tips. ... [more]
Micro Osteotome (Prod 4545)
A power osteotome with a full range of blades. ... [more]
Pulse Lavage System (Prod 2092)
The Pulse Lavage System is comprised of either a unitized handpie ... [more]
Saw Blades (Prod 2094)
Full line of sagittal, reciprocating and oscillating saw blades. ... [more]
SmartDriver (Prod 2089)
Modular Pistol-Grip instrument used in variety of procedures, ava ... [more]